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Hope Prevails Application

We are excited that you are interested in applying to be chosen as one of our 30 photographers for our Hope Prevails Campaign. We have just a few rules that photographers must agree to in order to apply. Please read through them. If you are still interested in applying, scroll to the form below. Applications are due by July 16. You will be notified by July 18th if you have been chosen.

1. The photographer must locate and contact a family with a family member that has a life threatening illness. *Family member can be any age and can have any life threatening illness. It does not have to be a child or a cancer story.*

If your application is accepted we will add you to our private facebook group. Once in the group you will find a document listed under files that will give you ideas on how to find a family to work with. You may do this by reaching out publicly on your business page and asking for referrals but please do not make it a voting process as that sends the message that it is a popularity contest.

2. The photographer must donate the session to the family free of charge. The photographer may not sell the family any prints or tangible items for a profit.

3.  The session must be completed and submitted on or before September 1.

4. The photographer must obtain a signature from the family allowing a little rae of hope to share their images and their story on our blog and facebook page.

5. The photographer must release the rights of use for a little rae of hope to use their images on our blog and facebook page as a feature story, to advertise, and to promote the Hope Prevails Campaign.

6. The photographer must not use a little rae of hope’s name in order to promote or advertise for themselves.