Photographer Code of Conduct

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to support a little rae of hope in maintaining privacy, respect, and patience for our rae of hope families. We ask that all volunteers comply with this policy while assisting in any of a little rae of hope’s programs.

Code of Conduct:

  1. Volunteers must conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner while upholding the sensitivity and privacy of your rae of hope family at all times.
  2. Volunteers are encouraged  to have business liability insurance. This can be sent via e-mail through a form found here.
  3. Treat any information provided to you about your rae of hope family, in writing or verbal, as confidential.
  4. Volunteers must be timely in responding to any e-mail sent by a little rae of hope.
  5. When in the home of a rae of hope family, be respectful of the families requests at all times.
  6. When at the hospital for the purpose of providing services,  be respectful of hospital policies. Also, refrain from being a distraction or disrupting the jobs of any hospital staff.
  7. If outdoors for the purpose of providing services, be mindful of your rae of hope family’s special needs.
  8. The use of affiliation with a little rae of hope to promote or solicit your personal photography or other business is strictly prohibited. If you are unsure of appropriate use please contact a director immediately.
  9. The use of a little rae of hope’s brand by anyone that is not an approved part of our team is strictly prohibited.
  10. Volunteers are strongly encouraged to make an annual donation to the organization. This helps cover the expenses that the photographers take part in; including but not limited to, shipping, back up storage, shared drives, and administrative costs.
  11. If you are approached by a potential rae of hope family but you have not been contacted by a little rae of hope about providing services for them please direct them to our website.
  12. Volunteers may not make any reference to providing services for a little rae of hope families until after the session is complete and your family liaison has assured you that all waivers have been signed. This includes announcing on facebook, Instagram, twitter, blog, or webpage that you are going to, just completed, or were involved in a session for a little rae of hope.
  13. After a session, volunteers are not allowed solicit your rae of hope family for future business or print sales from your session.
  14. Due to the sensitive situations only approved a little rae of hope photographers or assistants may be present at a client session.
  15. If at any point you have to address an issue that you are uncomfortable with please contact your family liaison immediately.
  16. Even though you are encouraged to carry your own liability insurance, please let the organization know immediately if you receive any legal action or notice directed to you in regards to any service you performed or in any way relates to a little rae of hope.
  17. While we have done our best to compile a complete list of all responsibilities this list could change as we grow. If there are any amendments to this Code of Conduct any approved photographer will be notified and asked to comply.


A little rae of hope preserves the authority to immediately suspend or terminate volunteers at any time if the Board of Directors or authorized committee feels that an individual has not fully complied with the Code of conduct.

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